college apartment must haves

  1. cute door mat cc0591fe982d7afab8f8bd9217fefbb2.jpg
  2. wall jewelry hangeril_570xN.969023648_fxlb.jpg
  3. motivational neon light62a5a8129792aced286f0b28764f218e.jpg
  4. rolling bar cart 2fa91e5f254cac70d12e5c35fdfc7650-1.jpg
  5. giant glass jars for cute storage containers3235f1f9ca7358d4c9baf16ffefaadaa.jpg
  6. succulent/cactus 9d191104b1b44b0c4e1f6025d7113152.jpg
  7. chic and fun pillow cases 78324b94ef11372a6dfa77c11ca3cc1c.jpg
  8. fun string lights 6d43f390dc9489870eb21fb10608a052.jpg
  9. Wall decor and an organized desk 0d72047755fd9f2d7d18dbad1e7d69bf.jpg
  10. Fun throw pillows b2b1ecdaef9acf0dc0eea1c58e64a745.jpg

#college #apartment #decor


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