If you haven’t been to New Orleans…GO 

So I’ve grown up here my entire life and if there is one word I would use to describe New Orleans it would have to be culture. There’s a street performer on every corner and a world famous restaurant on each block. The food is to die for, the people are to die for and the experience is like no other.

Now if you’re a northerner who hasn’t traveled this far down south the entire experience is going to be very unique for you. The first thing you’re going to notice is that everyone is extremely nice. Like strangers will smile at you and you will subconsciously smile back. This is by far one of my favorite things about this city, the love everyone shares.

Now the next thing you will soon realize is that our food is like no other, yes maybe you’ve had “red beans and rice” before but you’ve NEVER had “red beans and rice” like this before. The flavors are delicious, the spice is delicious and I promise you’ve never had anything like it before. Beignets, yeah Cafe Du Monde is where it’s at. Like it’s gotten so bad that I will crave these at 1 o clock in the morning on a Tuesday. You’re going to love them and you’ll probably end up getting them atleast 3 times while you’re here.

You’ll probably visit bourbon street and think it’s insane because well…it is!

Now if I could recommend some places to eat they’d be:

1. Drago’s

2. Chop House

3. Cafe Du Monde

4. Commander’s Palace

5. Brennan’s

6. Galatoire’s

7. Dookey Chase’s

These are just a few of my favorites but honesty anywhere you eat will be amazing and the people will be even better!

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler! Let the good times roll!


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