how to Disney from a Disney Pro

  1. Plan your Fastpass+ experiences as far in advance as you can.
  2. Stay on Disney Property: the perks are worth it especially if you want to take advantage of the Dining Plan.
  3. THE DINING PLAN IS A MUST! Especially if you want to experience all the great cuisine.
  4. PACK WATER! This is the best tip I can give, especially if you are on the DDP. This way you can use your snack credits on the best snacks Disney has to offer!
  5. Look for Hidden Mickeys throughout the park! This is super fun for avid Disney goers, we have found PLENTY throughout the years and keep a tab on where they all are. This is also a good past time when you’re sitting in line because there are often plenty hidden throughout the wait lines.
  6. Never forget your raincoats/ponchos! Orlando is hot and humid and rain is inevitable.
  7. Take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours especially the nighttime hours. This is a great tip especially if you are traveling with night owls, we love to take advantage of this. You can often get super short wait times for some of your favorite rides as well as an extremely less packed park.
  8. Sweat rags are a must! We ask our housekeeping crew to give a few extra hand towels each time they come so we can use them throughout the parks!
  9. Use the Disney app to check wait times without walking all the way to the attraction.
  10. Experience the new and improved Disney Springs and enjoy an ice cream sundae from Ghirardelli.
  11. Take advantage of the many shows/attractions Disney has to offer. The Lion King in Animal Kingdom is one of my favorites as well as Mickey’s Philharmagic in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Arrive to The Lion King at least 30 minutes before showtime to assure you have a seat because its usually a packed house!
  12. Relax! Running around like a crazy person will make your Disney vacation very stressful and much less enjoyable than it should be. Plan your days as thoroughly as you can giving yourself enough time to go from attraction to attraction and your experience will be amazing!

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse.” -Walt Disney 



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  1. Planning ahead is definitely the best way to enjoy a Disney vacation. It can seem overwhelming with all the choices for rides, meals, hotels, transportation, etc., but if planned right, it can be the most amazing, memorable experience! I love everything Disney!

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