don’t settle, just don’t

do you ever just have this gut feeling that you’re settling? like you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, or you aren’t with the person you’re supposed to be with?

if this thought has ever crossed your mind…..STOP and think

does he treat you like a queen? does he try to hang out with you any chance he gets? does he respect you? are you really happy? or are you just happy you aren’t alone? are you a priority? or will he cancel on you any chance he gets? does he brag about you? does he want you to succeed?

now if you answered no to more than 1 of these then stop and think

is this the kind of man you’d want your hypothetical daughter to be with? would your dad choose this person for you?

just think about that and when I say think I mean REALLY think

now girlfriend let me tell you a little secret……..

  1. you are gorgeous and any man would be LUCKY to have you
  2. you are a strong independent woman who don’t need no man

so don’t settle

don’t be miserable for the false sense of security you get from having “someone”

don’t pretend you’re happy

and stop settling

we’ve all done it……and let me tell you, its not worth it

“You need to learn to let go of whatever it is that makes you think you’re not good enough. Because thats how you’re gonna beat this. When you learn that you matter.” -One Tree Hill